Closing up shop

Genre Lasagna was born out of boredom as much as it was out of a desire to write critically about books. Josh and I were both English majors and we’ve remained book people in the years since graduation. The first reviews on Genre Lasagna went up in October of 2011. Since then, Josh and I have reviewed over 50 books. In that time, there have been several highlights. We were the first outlet to review Salvatore Pane’s Last Call in the City of Bridges. Josh worked his way through the entire Harry Potter series again. Joe Hill retweeted a link to Josh’s review of Horns. I convinced Josh that A Dance with Dragons was still pretty good. Both of us read and wrote about a whole lot of books. Even though the site is going away, that’s not going to change. However, Josh and I have decided that, while this blog project was indeed a lot of fun, it has begun to feel like an obligation. Maybe that has shown in our last few reviews, but nonetheless the fact is that for the last few months, my heart hasn’t been in it. That’s not the fault of this site, and it’s not the fault of the act of criticism. I know that I will still be thinking a lot about the books I read, even if I don’t necessary work out those thoughts in writing. That’s part of what led me to become a book person anyway–the impulse to better understand and more deeply engage with books. But, at least for now, I’m okay with the idea of not doing that in writing in a formal (well, as formal as this really ever got) venue.

So, long story short, Genre Lasagna is going away. The site will remain here for as long as WordPress allows us to host for free, but there will not be any new content. All of our reviews are easily accesible from the REVIEW ARCHIVE page. For everyone who read, thanks for reading. This was a lot of fun.



I just want to echo much of what Ben has said (though not the part about him convincing me about ADwD; I hate that book). We started GL because we like books, we like talking about books, and we both gravitate toward writing in one way or another. It’s been a lot of fun, and even when we didn’t get any comments on our posts, I still always felt like I had learned something, either from Ben’s smart analysis of some text or my own working through of a book’s ideas. Much of the time, this site felt like a book journal for me, where every once in awhile a friend (or sometimes a frenemy who can’t see how ridiculously terrible the Dresden Files are) would take a peek inside, and that was pretty neat. And for awhile it was kind of cool to read within limits, forcing myself to look for new books that would be the kind of thing I could see reviewing for the site, but recently that has felt more like a drag than a creative limitation, and reading shouldn’t be that. So, for the time being at least, I think it’s the right move for us, since Ben has been feeling much the same, to close up our little book review site. I’m proud of what we’ve done, and more than that I’m happy with the experience of having done it. Thanks to those of you who read and thanks to those of you who commented.





2 thoughts on “Closing up shop

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    A couple of great guys with some great reviews. Check out the site and their reviews.

  2. Thank you for your reviews. Good luck in your future endeavors.


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