Josh’s Harry Potter (Re)Reading Adventure!

In lieu of a review post this week, I’m going to give everyone a heads up for my next exciting Genre Lasagna reading extravaganza, which, as I’m sure you’ve gleaned from the title, will be focusing on the Harry Potter books.  My plan right now is to read one book a week for the first three and potentially split the final four into two weeks each, just because they’re so daggone long.  Although I’m especially excited to re-read the books (they’re easily some of my favorite pieces of writing ever), I’m hoping you folks will want to do one of two things: Either read the books along with me (whether you’re re-reading or reading for the first time–all are welcome!) or weigh in with comments just based on your memory.  I’m not exactly sure what I’ll be zeroing in on in each book, but I do have a few framing things I’ll do (favorite chapter, best quote, best foreshadowing moment, favorite line, most obvious moment of unresolved sexual tension between Ron and Hermione, stuff like that).  I was going to post my review of the first book tonight, but I thought it might be more fun if other people had a chance to read along with me.  So, I’m going to wait until Thursday to post, which means you all have a few days to read the first book, which is short and awesome and done way too quickly.  Regular reviews will still be on Sundays; the Harry Potter (Re)Reading Adventure will happen each Thursday.  Happy reading!

I’ll see you on Thursday




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