Josh’s Winter Break Reading List

With just over a week left of this semester, thoughts of (nearly) unlimited fun-reading time have been on my mind.  As Ben mentioned, this week we’re each posting our winter break to-read lists, and our regular reviews will continue after that (possibly with our Harry Potter reread!).

Heart-Shaped Box – Joe Hill

Currently I’m at work on this creepy tale by Joe Hill.  This book follows Judas Coyne, an aged metal musician who has a penchant for acquiring objects of the macabre.  The story is quick, the narrative is well-shaped (though, not, I think, as well shaped as his later novel Horns), and the characters are surprisingly sympathetic.  I definitely wouldn’t have picked this one up if it wasn’t for the recommendations people left in response to my review of Horns, so thank you people!

The Eye of the World – Robert Jordan

I tried to get into Jordan’s epic series, The Wheel of Time, last year, but because of time constraints and the generally unfocused nature of my brain, things didn’t work out.  I’ve decided to give it another go after hearing stellar recommendations from several friends.  Have any of you read TWOT?  Any advice on how to make it through such a huge series?  The only thing I really remember is that I dug how fully Jordan created his world, so I”m excited to get back into that.

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets – J.K. Rowling

Like Ben said, we’re going to be doing a reread of the Harry Potter books over the next month or two, and I’ve been tasked with numbers two, four, and six, and we’re both going to take on the seventh book.  I was obsessed with these books when I was younger, and I still am; I think I’ve just gotten better at hiding it.  I must have read the first four 20 or 25 times each while waiting for Order of the Phoenix to come out, and more than anything I’m looking forward to getting wrapped up in this world again.  I miss being around these characters and hanging out at Hogwarts.

What does everyone else have on their winter reading list?  Favorite books you’re returning to?  New adventures you’re going to try out?







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